Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Play Music In Windows With Physical Hand Gestures Without Using Keyboard or Mouse

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We like to play music in the background when we are working on our system. In between if you have to stop the music, you may not prefer to interrupt your work and open the music player to do the same. Sometimes while watching a movie, there is an urgent call. And you have picked it up immediately and rush to find the pause option is annoying. Also, after enjoying the apps on smartphones you need something like that for your system too. And it will be really very easy to manage music player to control the options by hand gestures. So, I would like to introduce the freeware named as Flutter.

Flutter is a small freeware of 3.28 MB. It has been designed to control the play and pause option of the music players with hand gestures. It works very well and very helpful at times. It will be placed in your system tray afterinstallation as shown in the snapshot below.

Since there are still progress going on to recognize the hand movements, flutter has been designed only for the play and pause option. It works well for few music players i.e. iTunes, Window Media PlayerSpotify and Winamp. So, let us see how to use the freeware.
You must have the webcam to recognize the hand movements. Play the music or start the movie in any of the four players mentioned. Turn on your webcam (this can be done by right click on flutter in system tray and select the option). Now whenever required, simply show the hand towards the webcam as shown in the snapshot below. The music player will be paused. Similarly, to play again show the same gesture again. So, this is very simple and like fun games to use.

The paly or pause gesture is as shown in the snapshot. Your palm must be towards the camera. Though it takes a second to pause. But sometime, it takes time if the gesture is not correct/ webcam is not placed properly/ screen or hand is a bit tilted. You will get the best results if the hand is placed at a distance between 1 to 6 feet. Sometimes while using the laptop we place it too close and it is not able to recognize the gesture.


The tool provides the option is a very easy manner but still there are few disadvantages as follows:

  • It does not work for other music players like VLC, Real and others.
  • Only two options (play and pause) can be used. So, this tool seems to be a bit heavy.
  • Sometimes problem is faced due to hand angle or any other recognition problem.
There are softwares coming in market which helps to control system with hand gestures. And some of them are free available. We will keep updating you with new coming freewares to control your music players.
The freeware is tested on Windows 7 and has been designed for Mac as well.


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