Thursday, 25 July 2013

[New] Earn Cash with Hitleap Hack

First of all, to the cheat-engine haters, you can

Note:If you don't know how to earn money with hitleap you can see my first post-Here.

Basically this hack will speed up the surfing process on hitleap, so that you will earn 'minutes'UP TO 35X FASTER.

Here is what you will need:
2.Firefox(Firefox is easier to use for this hack)

Install the 2 programs above. After installing you are safe to move on.

Log in to your hitleap account. Click "Traffic Exchange" and start it. You should see a new window opened by FireFox.


Open CheatEngine.

^Click the button on the top left corner as shown in the picture by a red arrow.

^Next, select the process under "FireFox" and click open. *MAKE SURE THE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE IS STILL RUNNING.

^Lastly, check the box "Enable speedhack" and set the speed to 30.0 +/- (IDEAL SPEED) Click Apply.

Now, you should see your traffic exchange running 30x faster than usual.
Wait patiently for your account to earn minutes.

You can also earn money by using hitleap and cheatengine on these sites also.

Sign up at:

For first site:
upload any image. Then, send traffic to the image using Hitleap to start earning! Minimum cashout is $25. You get $0.60/1000 views.

For second site:
get your referral link to send Hitleap traffic to it. You earn 0.25 points per visit. You get $0.90/1000 points!
The chances of getting banned from these sites is 10%You can reduce it by using this.Go to:

and shorten your url. Use it for Hitleap traffic.
It will seem that the hits are anonymous!