Thursday, 25 July 2013

How To Get Accepted In Adworkmedia 2013

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AdWorkMedia's CPA Affiliate Network allows you to earn more from your website,apps,products,content,e-mail marketing,search,and other web traffic!Our custom publisher platform provides money-making tools,detailed reporting, and an easy-to-use, yet powerful interface.AdWorkMedia's support team is available for assistance 7days/week!AdWorkMedia's monetization solutions are the ultimate platform for content publishers,website owners,and  online game & service developers.Generate profit from every visitor!Our Content Locker,Link Locker,& Product Locker tools easily protect premium content,upgrades,downloads,apps,guides & more.

Step 1 - BasicInformation:

First off,you are probably going to need a bit of marketing experience,whether it be CPA, or other PPD sites, you can try to lie and say you earn certain amounts,but that probably will not work.I’m not going to bullshit this Post,it’s going to be straight and to the point.
●you sign up under a referral on Adworkmedia that you have a WAY higher chance of being accepted,so reading that, you are going to be signing up with my referral,you can also sign-up without it, but your chances of being accepted are smaller.● At the end of your registration there will be a free-response section that you’ll type in your application. It took me 2 times to get accepted,and the second time I used a format to make it look more professional, so you’ll be using that.

Point to Remember:

1. Don’t use Any fake address,Use your real address otherwise you won’t get accepted because there are very professional staff and they will soon take you down if you useanything false.
2. Put all details like realistic.
Let's Begin Go To Click Here

Assuming you have a bank account,please remember to use your exact name as it is written in the account. This in formation is im portant when Adworkmedia pays you your earnings if you choose WireTransfer.DO NOT FORGET the information you entered during the whole registration process.This is one of the most common problems users have been having when they get accepted in Adworkmedia  You will have trouble inquiring and retrieving your in formation once you get the acceptance email from Adworkmedia  I suggest saving your info somewhere safe like a draft in your email like what I did.Adworkmedia In this page,make sure you also enter accurate details.They will also need this informaiton to pay you your earnings.Check your bank book for the exact address you entered.

Promotion Style:I selected Websites

Incent Traffic :I Selected Yes

Step 2 - Description:

This part of the registration process is one of the most important will fillout the"Description/Methods"part of the registration process.You must be as accurate as you can when you write yours.Make sure you explain how you're going to earn with Adworkmedia.


Website: I Putted two of my blogs.

How'd you find us? : I Wrote Assisted My Friends With It.I Heard that Adworkmedia Is The New Site So I Woukd Like To Get In,Explore And View The Future Though Adworkmedia Would Like To Join And Experience With It.Thanks.

Promotion Methods : I Wrote this "I have created a blog exclusively for ppd downloads.I am getting a lot of traffic to my website and also getting on an average 30-35 downloads each day on sharecash.The methods i use to drive traffic to my blog are as follows i use this page to promote my downloads and also give reviews about my product.Daily i am getting good traffic to my blog from this site.Secondly i get a lot of traffic from youtube.I have about 15 youtube accounts on which i upload videos related to my niche everyday.I use paid software called CPA Blaster for this work.This makes my work easy.I also promote my downloads on various forums related to my nice.Also even though my site gets a lot of viral traffic i haven't applied for adsense because it will decrease my conversion rates.I am also getting actively involved in SEO which will boost traffic to my site. If I get accepted into Adworkmedia i am willing to work hard everyday. Thanks."


U Also Have to try This one Application

Go To Click Here

Fill your personal info 100% accurate then move to the next step 
Promotional Type : Select PPCIncent Traffic : NO
Then Put your website URL , if you don't have one just put in any website "you shouldn't Put Don't be a fool
- How did you hear about us ? - Say from a friend- what other networks do you work with : write anything like blamads , advertmarketing ,..etc
Now for the important part "the Promotional Methods "
You said before you are going to use PPC .. then just write iam going to use PPC as my primary methods and that you are an expert in using 7search and Plenty of fish and Facebook . and just show them how experienced you are Now you have finished your application ... now they will tell you to wait until they review your application.and here is how you get approved instantly : 
- Open your skype account . Then add "AWMdennisAs a contact 
Wait until he accept you then start talking to him ask him how long would it take to get accepted in adworkmedia he will tell you prettyfast then ask him if it is possible to get approved while you are talking with him on the chat then he will ask you about your method of promoting cpa offers.just tell him what your wrote in your application tell him that you are going to use facebook ppc and 7search and that you have some experience with them then send him the email u used to register.and he will approve you instantly.

Usually takes a couple of days.Check your email daily and wait for their response to your application.If u need any help please leave comment.

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